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Sturgis Knives

Sturgis Knives

Sturgis Knives

Barto Antler Knives is the Only Official Knife Maker at the 2015 75th Annual Sturgis Rally

Nature plays a big part in the creation of Barto’s Antler Knives and Knife stands. After the Elk and Deer shed their antlers, the animals such as squirrels and porcupines chew on them for the calcium content. Then the rain, snow and the heat of the sun opens natural cracks in the antler. The combination of the forest creatures and the element of the weather create the character in which Ben Barto looks for when he hand selects each piece from dozens of different antler suppliers. Antlers are like fingerprints. No two will ever be alike ensuring you a one of a kind treasure.

All knife blades are made of German 440 stainless or Damascus steel. Select from 9 different 2015 Sturgis designs. 

Visit the website to customize your Collectable Sturgis Knife Online!

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